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10 Movies Similar to The Maltese Falcon (1941) 1. The Big Sleep (1946) 2. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) 3. Double Indemnity (1944) 4. Key Largo (1948) 5. The Third Man (1949) 6. The African Queen (1951) 7. Touch of Evil (1958) 8. Laura (1944) 9. Out of the Past (1947) 10. Notorious (1946) 10 Great Movies Like The Maltese Falcon

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The Maltese Falcon is currently available to stream on Turner Classic Movies’ Watch TCM app until June 12, 2015. Catch more great film noir every Friday on TCM’s “Summer of Darkness” programming. What’s your favorite film noir? What other classic movies would you like to see in a future column? Drop us your thoughts in the comments below!

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John Huston movies: 15 greatest films, ranked worst to best, include ‘The Maltese Falcon,’ ‘Treasure of the Sierra Madre’ Susan Pennington , Chris Beachum Film News

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The plot is the last thing you think of about “The Maltese Falcon.” The black bird (said to be made of gold and encrusted with jewels) has been stolen, men have been killed for it, and now Gutman (Greenstreet) has arrived with his lackeys (Lorre and Elisha Cook Jr.) to get it back.

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A statue of a Maltese Falcon, just like the one from the 1941 version of the movie, is seen on Sledge's desk. At the Movies: The Duxorcist/Walker/Manon of the Spring/The Dead (1987) (TV Episode) Referenced during the "The Dead" review.

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Directed by John Huston. With Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Gladys George, Peter Lorre. A private detective takes on a case that involves him with three eccentric criminals, a gorgeous liar, and their quest for a priceless statuette.

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Find books like The Maltese Falcon from the world’s largest community of readers. Goodreads members who liked The Maltese Falcon also liked: The Big Slee...

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Synopsis. After two previous film versions of Dashiell Hammett's detective classic The Maltese Falcon, Warner Bros. finally got it right in 1941--or, rather, John Huston, a long-established screenwriter making his directorial debut, got it right, simply by adhering as closely as possible to the original.Taking over from a recalcitrant . more

The Maltese Falcon (Three Versions, 1931-1941) | Kozak's ...

The following article is a review of three film adaptations of Dashiell Hammett’s novel The Maltese Falcon: the pre-Code Maltese Falcon (1931), the bizarre comedic Satan Met a Lady (1936), and the superb film noir version (1941). Synopsis: The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett (1929) Sam Spade is a private detective working in San Francisco. Maltese Falcon: Dashiell Hammett, Humphrey ...

Like Bogart's other great mystery-noir, The Big Sleep, The Maltese Falcon, while more straightforward, still has a reputation for baffling viewers with its labyrinth plot and is almost impossible to "get" the first viewing.

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After two previous film versions of Dashiell Hammett's detective classic The Maltese Falcon, Warner Bros. finally got it right in 1941--or, rather, John Huston, a long-established screenwriter ...

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Spade and Archer is the name of a San Francisco detective agency. That's for Sam Spade and Miles Archer. The two men are partners, but Sam doesn't like Miles much. A knockout, who goes by the name of Miss Wonderly, walks into their office; and by that night everything's changed. Miles is dead. And so is a man named Floyd Thursby. It seems Miss Wonderly is surrounded by dangerous men.

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The Maltese Falcon (1941) - Humphrey Bogart - Sidney Greenstreet - Fat Man

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Stream The Maltese Falcon on HBO Max. Hard-boiled detective Sam Spade gets caught up in the murderous search for a priceless statue.

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[first title card - 'The Maltese Falcon' (1941)] "Title Card: In 1539, the Knight Templars of Malta, paid tribute to Charles V of Spain, by sending him a Golden Falcon encrusted from beak to claw with rarest jewels ~~~~~ but pirates seized the galley carrying this priceless token and the fate of the Maltese Falcon remains a mystery to this day ~~~ "ahhhh..

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The Maltese Falcon, Dashiell Hammett's third novel, introduced the world to prototypical private eye Sam Spade, and is perhaps his single most famous work, though many people know it only via the 1941 film version starring Humphrey Bogart, which is one of the defining examples of Film Noir.. The story concerns a private detective's dealings with three unscrupulous adventurers who compete to ...

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