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Movies Like Halloween: Resurrection Below we've given an array of the best movies that we have found to be similar to Halloween: Resurrection. When trying to find an alternative film to Halloween: Resurrection you could be searching for another film featuring Jamie Lee Curtis or Brad Loree, or perhaps another horror and thriller film.

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Halloween: Resurrection (2002) co-stars rapper Busta Rhymes and supermodel Tyra Banks. ... Like one of those off-shoot Godzilla movies...I had so many laughs with this, I can have fun with this. ...

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All the Halloween movies I liked are with her in a leading role or a called Halloween 3. Resurrection has none interesting characters and a dumb internet plot and Michael Myers looks bad and does stupid things throughout the movie. ... We need negative ratings for movies like Halloween Resurrection.

Why Halloween: Resurrection Works Better As A Found ...

Halloween: Resurrection should have been a found footage horror movie because the horror sequel's potential was let down by the execution. John Carpenter's iconic horror series started with a low-budget horror film in 1978 and rapidly grew into one of the most successful horror franchises of all time, with a total of eleven films in the series to date.

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The movie feels like it is trying to cash in on the popular horror franchises at the time instead of recognizing Halloween’s own virtues. – Basement Rejects Panned by fans and critics alike, Halloween: Resurrection may not be one of the strongest of the bunch, but it does hold some redeeming qualities.

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Synopsis. Masked serial killer Michael Myers makes his seventh appearance in the eighth installment of this long-running slasher series. Although the climax of the previous installment, , depicted heroine Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) finally finishing off her brother/tormentor, the opening sequence of Halloween: Resurrection reveals that Laurie actually beheaded the wrong guy.

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Aren't these movies supposed to be scary 0 . Halloween: Resurrection by supergamera on April 30, 2010. I haven't seen the begining of this movie but I don't feel that i need to. The plot isn't ...

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All 11 Halloween Movies, Ranked From Incredible To The One With Busta Rhymes By Chris E. Hayner on October 29, 2020 at 1:41PM PDT A movie franchise doesn't last 40 years without being iconic.

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Halloween: Resurrection (2002) Second Halloween reboot order. The franchise was rebooted again in 2018, where it only includes the original Halloween. Here are the two films in that order ...

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Halloween: Resurrection is a 2002 horror film and the eighth installment in the Halloween franchise, as well as the final installment in the second timeline. Directed by Rick Rosenthal, who had also directed Halloween II (1981), Halloween: Resurrection is the final installment in the H20 Timeline, followed by 2007's Halloween reboot. Halloween: Resurrection: Movies & TV

In all Halloween was a good idea as a movie, thx to John Carpenter, and Debra Hall...but there's a point when the movie is just played out and fading fast. Resurrection is really the starting point of a looping process, where movies are tiredly played out and and repeating itself over and over, thus getting ole.

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Halloween H20 was one of those movies. By the time Halloween: Resurrection came out, the whole revival was already declining. Even the series that started it all was already done for with the disappointing Scream 3. Most slasher movies made in the wake of Scream and released after 2000 tend to disappoint.

Halloween: What Happened To Laurie Strode's Son, John

The Halloween franchise has been retconned a couple of times, and in one of those timelines, Laurie Strode had a son named John – but what happened to him? In 1978, John Carpenter changed the horror genre with Halloween, a slasher movie that introduced viewers to final girl Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and serial killer Michael Myers. Halloween wasn’t well-received when it was released ...

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Next year, Blumhouse belatedly delivers Halloween Kills, the second part in their trilogy of Michael Myers movies. 2018’s Halloween was the first installment in the original series – we’re not counting the Rob Zombie remake and its sequel – since 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection.But, once upon a time, there was another film in the franchise that was supposed to be made in the middle ...

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But when HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION was released, Jen got a lot of negative reactions, and was even referred to as the most annoying HALLOWEEN character since HALLOWEEN 5's Tina.

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Halloween Resurrection is the eighth in a series that began with John Carpenter's stylish 1978 original. Face it: they'll keep milking this cash cow until its udders dry up.

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Look here for more movies starting with H and here you can find 2002 movies to watch on your favorite streaming service.. Similar films like Halloween: Resurrection can be found in serial ki**er movies sub-genre(s), check them out for more movies like Halloween: Resurrection.. Halloween: Resurrection (2002) Review. Related: [ Movie Details/Trailer / Full Poster]

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Halloween: Resurrection (also known as Halloween 8 or Halloween: Homecoming) is a 2002 American horror film and eighth installment in the Halloween film series.Directed by Rick Rosenthal, who had also directed Halloween II in 1981, the film builds upon the continuity of Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.It continues with the masked serial killer Michael Myers continuing his murderous rampage in ...

Scream 3, Jason X, or Halloween Resurrection? - Movies: At ...

Halloween Resurrection by a mile. Not sure how anyone could possibly vote differently. These three movies are wildly different anyway. Scream 3 isn’t even bad. It’s the worst Scream movie, sure, but Scream is a pretty strong series overall. In the grand scheme of slashers, Scream 3 ain’t too shabby. Jason X is major camp.

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Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch (1982) Please allow approximately 20 extra minutes for pre-show and trailers before the show starts. 1 hr 36 min R 1982 Halloween (2018)