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The Wicker Man (1973) - IMDb

Directed by Robin Hardy. With Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Diane Cilento, Britt Ekland. A puritan Police Sergeant arrives in a Scottish island village in search of a missing girl who the locals claim never existed.

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The Wicker Man 这篇影评可能有剧透 豪伊警官接到一封请求调查失踪小女孩的报案信后来到了位于苏格兰西部的夏岛(Summerisle),上岛之后,就像是掉进了兔子洞的爱丽丝,眼前发生的一切越来越超乎他的想象。

The Wicker Man (2006) - IMDb

Directed by Neil LaBute. With Nicolas Cage, Ellen Burstyn, Leelee Sobieski, Kate Beahan. A sheriff investigating the disappearance of a young girl from a small island discovers there's a larger mystery to solve among the island's secretive, neo-pagan community.

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The Wicker Man is quietly frightening with it's juxtaposition of cheerful songs and occult imagery, it's a rare British gem with a truly twisted ending. Sylvester K Super Reviewer May 13, 2014

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The movie for me is eery creepy atmospheric and VERY well acted by ALL and that makes me come back to it over and over. This set is now the most complete and best Quality version(s) I need. From the first time I read about this movie called Wicker Man til now I can finally rest ... til the next time I see it and the creepy journey it takes me on.

The Wicker Man(异教徒)影评

对于我这样的恐怖片影迷来说,1973年的cult影片The Wicker Man是一个再熟悉不过的名字了,并且有很多地方都传说,本片中有一幕堪称恐怖恐怖影片的经典场面,再加上今年9月即将上映本片的翻拍版本,因此最近便赶紧找来了,好好看了一遍。

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The Wicker Man is a classic mystery/thriller that's widely regarded as being one of the better of its genre. It also struck a cord back when it was first released due to its religious tension. If you haven't yet seen this original, brace yourself, the first half hour or so is basically a musical.

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The Wicker Man was in part inspired by a 1676 engraving called "The Wicker Image" created by the artist Aylett Sammes. The image can be found in the volume of Britannia Antiqua Illustrata. According to screenwriter Anthony Shaffer, his intent for the project was to make a more cerebral horror movie that was less dependent on the kind of gratuitous gore that was popular at the time.

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The Wicker Man is a classic cult 1973 British movie filmed in Scotland. It combines thriller, existential horror and musical genres. Directed by Robin Hardy and written by Anthony Shaffer, the film stars Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Diane Cilento, Ingrid Pitt and Britt Ekland. Paul Giovanni composed the soundtrack. The Wicker Man is generally

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The Wicker Man (Trailer 1) Film history abounds in examples of misunderstood works being cut by unsympathetic distributors, receiving minor, perfunctory releases, and even being shelved outright.

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Wicker Man-Das Original (1973) R2 DE DVD Cover; The Wicker Man (2006) R2; The Wicker Man (2006) R2 DE DVD Cover; The Wicker Tree (2010) Wicker Park (2004) ... The Spongebob Movie: Sponge On The Run (2020) R1 Custom DVD Cover & Label. Greenland (2020) R1 Custom DVD Cover.

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The Wicker Man achieved instant cult status with a proclamation in Cinefantastique magazine (in a 1978 issue-length article by David Bartholomew) calling it "the CITIZEN KANE of horror films." Hyperbolic to be sure, but at first glance the genre classification may seem too limiting - the movie is literate and also functions as a mystery, a ...

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异教徒精彩影评和剧情: 爱德华·马鲁斯(尼古拉斯·凯奇)是一个敬业认真的警察。这一次他接手一宗失踪案的调查。他来到缅因州的一个偏僻的小岛上开始寻找她失踪的小女孩黛西(艾瑞卡-莎耶·盖尔)的种种线索。好不容易到达孤岛之后,爱德华痛苦地发现这里的居民不但举止怪异,还显现出强烈的 ...

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Nee, helaas The Wicker Man had best wel wat kunnen wordt maar faalt eigenlijk best wel. Ondanks de mooie omgeving, en een basis waar heel wat meer uit te halen geweest was. 0 mcdaktari. geplaatst: 22 oktober, 13:14 uur. Echt heel slecht vind ik deze versie nou toch ook weer niet. Vergeleken met zijn andere films van deze regisseur gaat dit wel.

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The Wicker Man is, more than anything else, a film about what people can do in the name of religion or, more generally, belief. Its power comes not from appeals to the supernatural but from a deep ... The Wicker Man: Edward Woodward, Christopher ...

The Wicker Man has certainly grown into a genuine horror masterpiece since its release in the early 1970s. Edward Woodward is excellent as a policeman who has arrived on a deserted Scottish island to look for a missing girl. But the townsfolk are not welcoming, and seem to have no respect and no desire to help him. ...

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The Wicker Man Critics Consensus. Puzzlingly misguided, Neil LaBute's update The Wicker Man struggles against unintentional comedy and fails.

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The Wicker man wordt door veel filmliefhebbers als de beste Britse horrorfilm beschouwd. Ik zet altijd vraagtekens bij de kwalificatie ‘de beste’. Zo’n kwalificatie hangt natuurlijk van het subjectieve oog van de beschouwer af. Na mijn beschouwing kan ik mij in die kwalificatie in ieder geval niet vinden.

From ET to The Wicker Man: 10 of the best film soundtracks

The Wicker Man. Paul Giovanni and Magnet. Integral to the spook, delight and darkness of Robin Hardy’s 1973 British folk-horror movie The Wicker Man is its soundtrack. American songwriter Paul ...