How to stay anonymous on the Internet and why you need it

How to stay anonymous on the Internet and why you need it

Why to stay anonymous online?

The way to keep anonymous online and the reason

The reason to stay anonymous on the Internet

A lot of websites take personal detail of users each time they visit the sites. Several websites will notify and ask for acceptance from the visitors, but some is collecting information illegally. And the information that identifies you can be used for other purpose.

Pervasive advertisements inserted into websites is the most widespread phenom. More intricate ways of using the collected detail include sudden limitations when applying to a loan or for a job. Government bodies can also use personal detail of people for many reasons which is treated as the invasion of privacy.
Most popular ways of how to stay away anonymity

Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology to channel all traffic via secure VPN servers that protect your real IP address, so preventing websites from spotting your location and identity. Besides, all traffic is encrypted to keep data from using illegal by your internet provider or scammers. The best choice is free VPN service –
VPN is the first choice to protect your computer.

Make your emailing more efficient. Email is another aspect that can keep you anonymous.

To keep your main email address from exposed, you could also create some email account. Yet, the problem will continue happing when you still receive the spam email. how can we stop that?The best way is to use Disposable email. Nowadays, many web provider offer this service, with Temp Mail is one of the most popular with the best benefit as below:
Soft and easy design

Once entering the Temp Mail website an email box will be created automatically.

The email name can be changed to be more readable.

The anonymous email will exist forever with no expiration date and only disappear only when the users desired to delete it.


Nowadays, it is gradually harder to keep anonymous on the Internet. Anyway, we hope this article will be helpful to you to stay all personal information away from being monitored by another.

Temporary email address (10 minutes emails)- Why and how? Sometime you want to sign up for a site which requires email address to send a validation e-mail to. But you don’t want to provide your real email because they can send many spam mail to your email. To avoid that, visit this Fake email generator: and you will have a Disposable email address and end up on a bunch of spam lists. This email will expire after 10 minute so you can call this 10 minute email. Our service is free! Let’s enjoy!


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