How to remain anonymous on Internet and why you desire it

How to remain anonymous on Internet and why you desire it

Why to remain anonymous when online?

Many sites collect information about the user on each visit. Some sites notify visitor before doing so but some collect information without obtaining prior consent. The informations that identifies you can be used other than as thought.
Intrusive ads injected into site is the most wide-spread phenomenon. More intricate way of handling the collected information include sudden limitations when you apply for a loan or for a job. Government bodies can still collect private informations of people for various reasons, which is actually treated as the invasion of privacy.
Most popular way of how to secure anonymity

Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology to channel all traffic via secure VPN servers that obscure your real IP address, thus, preventing sites from spotting your location and identity. Besides all traffic is encrypted to secure data from hooking by your internet provider or scammers. The simplest and most accessible options are to connect via free VPN service –

VPN is initial defense line for your computer.

Make emailing efficient

Mail is another thing that can compromise your anonymity.

You can set up several email accounts to avoid exposing your main email addresses; however this is not going to fix the problem as you will nevertheless receive spam messages. How to block spams completely?
The strongest ways are to use disposable email which is provided by many website services, with one of the most prominent being 10 minutes . Its component in brief are:

Sleek and clean designs

An mail box is set up automatically as soon as you enter the 10 minutes  website

User can transform a generated mail name to make it more readable

The mail box is valid for indefinite period, and the user can delete it at any time, if desired.


It is getting progressively harder to stay truly anonymous when online. Yet, we expect the above article will help you keep privacy and protect your private life from being tracked by third parties.

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